Fife Sports and Leisure Trust


Self Employed Fitness Instructors

Location     Fife Wide

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust are looking to award contracts to self employed fitness instructors for the service of providing safe, structured and inspirational exercise instruction to customers who attend the Company’s group fitness sessions.

You will need:

>    A fitness qualification equivalent to a REP Level 2.

>    One years experience of delivering in group fitness activities and/or

>    One years experience of participating in group fitness activities

>    Listed on the current Register of Exercise Professionals

>    S/NVQ Level II Group Fitness qualification

>    Relevant Les Mills or equivalent qualification

>    Knowledge of Instructors’ Health and Safety responsibilities

>    Recognised  CPR certification

>    Principles of excellent customer service

We will require your ethos and approach for the contract of service delivery to be inclusive of the ability to connect with our Customers, relate in an exceptionally amicable way with people from all walks of life, be flexible and willing to go the extra mile.  Stand out because of your knowledge and enthusiasm about Fitness and your ability to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals.

Income incentive scheme in place.

Love people? Love Exercise? Then we'd Love to hear from you!

Please contact Evelyn Crichton, Fitness Class Co-ordinator initially via email indicating the Sports and Leisure Centre where you are interested in providing classes.

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