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Combat Classes


What are combat classes like?

COMBAT Non-contact combat sessions are an empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. These fiercely energetic classes are  inspired by martial arts.  Your instructor will have you jumping, skipping and throwing an energy packed effective punch.  Hand eye co-ordination, balance, strength and agility are all challenge in our combat sessions.

Combat classes:

Jumping, skipping and throwing an energy packed effective punch. This cardio challenging combat class will give you the tactical edge.


Uses mixed martial arts programming and conditioning techniques to enhance body composition and elevate fitness levels. Features upper and lower body conditioning drills as well as solo and partnered based fight sequences.

This is the ultimate mixed martial arts–inspired workout programme! Get ready to punch, kick, block, and strike your way to a fitter body with 7 calorie-blasting and muscle-defining workouts