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Group Cycling Classes

What are group cycling classes like ?

Indoor cycling is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes.  During the class the instructor simulates a ride. Together, you travel on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race!  It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular class.  The beauty of indoor cycling is that you can do it even when it’s raining or snowing outside!  You are kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you and by the music! There are no complicated moves, techniques, or choreography to master. The rider is always in control of the cadence and tension of cycling.   Indoor Group Cycling is a non-impact activity, and causes less stress on knees, hips and ankles than other cardio workouts.

Group Cycling classes:


Choreographed to fantastic music this is the ultimate cardio challenge delivered in a fun, motivated and social environment.  Get ready to step out your comfort zone and let our instructors help you push the boundaries.


Hydrospin is a class that combines the dynamism of indoor cycling with the benefits of being water based exercise.  Using our brand new Hydrorider Aquabikes you will target large muscle groups and improve you cardiovascular performance.  The properties of the water reduces discomfort and sweating. The water also offers support making this the perfect class to rehabilitate post injury. The buoyancy of the water gives support around the joints which makes this class low risk but high intensity.  It means that Hydrospin can be enjoyed by and accessed by everyone regardless of their fitness level.


RPM is the indoor group cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Let your instructor lead you through hills, flats, mountain peaks, time trials, and interval training. Sweat and burn and reach your endorphin high.