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Water-based Classes

What are water-based classes like?
Water based classes are ideal for all fitness levels.  The water supports the joint allowing safe movement and mobility for those with injuries and long term joint conditions.   The water creates a great resistance making the workout very effective.
Water-based classes:


Fun & freestyle water based Aerobics choreographed to great music.
It’s an excellent cardio workout that’s all about fun – even if your dance challenged.


Fun effective water based class. This class offers good support for the body so is suitable for those with injuries, the cooling effect of the water is ideal for those who do not like to feel hot and sweaty.   


Water based circuit class that uses the properties on the water and resistance based equipment to improve strength and overall fitness.


Deep Water Aqua is a non weight bearing, so the range of movement and intensity is far greater most importantly without the impact.

The class will improve your fitness, develop muscle tone, help with weight loss and also strengthen your abdominals and core.


30 minute revolutionary, high-intensity low impact, cross training workout on water using the only floating exercise mat,the aquabase.


Hydrospin is a class that combines the dynamism of indoor cycling with the benefits of being water based exercise.  Using our brand new Hydrorider Aquabikes you will target large muscle groups and improve you cardiovascular performance.  The properties of the water reduces discomfort and sweating. The water also offers support making this the perfect class to rehabilitate post injury. The buoyancy of the water gives support around the joints which makes this class low risk but high intensity.  It means that Hydrospin can be enjoyed by and accessed by everyone regardless of their fitness level.