Join our 100 mile step challenge and take a virtual tour of our centres across Fife - get stepping and feel great!

Starts Saturday 6th Feb until Saturday 3rd April 2021

There's no race, choose your pace and how far you'd like to go!

Our facilities may be closed due to the lockdown; however, we're still here to help motivate you to be active and feel great by taking part in our 100 mile step challenge.

Our leisure centres cover around 100 miles across Fife, and we're inviting you to choose what stage you would like to achieve over 8-weeks.



Centre locations and miles:

Stage From To - (Then to)  Ends Miles MOVeS Steps
1 Carnegie Pitreavie Duloch 5 1500 10,560
2 Duloch Dalgety Bay   3 900 6,350
3 Dalgety Bay Beacon   6.6 1980 13,950
4 Beacon Kirkcaldy   5.8 1740 12,250
5 Kirkcaldy Leven   9.6 2280 20,275
6 Leven East Sands   15.2 4560 32,100
7 East Sands Waterstone   11.8 3540 24,900
8 Waterstone Cupar   12.1 3630 25,555
9 Cupar Michael Woods   14.6 4380 30,850
10 Michael Woods Bowhill   5.8 1740 12,250
11 Bowhill Lumphinnans Cowdenbeath 4.9 1470 10,350
12 Cowdenbeath Carnegie   5.8 1740 12,520
      TOTAL 100.2 300,60 211,640

Here's how to take part:


Forever Young

Step 1 -
Register with us online

Please fill out our quick registration form to register with us to let us know you are taking part and how many miles you'd like to achieve. 

Whatsmore, if you wish, you can take an extra step to make your challenge count for a good cause and support our Fife Health and Wellbeing Fund! Your steps will help people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, COPD and cardiac incidents.  

See more details in step 4.

If a fundraiser isn't for you, you can still take part in the challenge to be more active and feel great!


Small donations can make a big difference:

You can now make a donation through Facebook or our donation partner This way you can choose the amount that you would like to donate. Just click any of the links below.

Click here to make a donation through Facebook

Click here to make a donation through Facebook



Step 2 -
Download our Technogym App

If you have not already done so, download our Technogym App and pair with your smart device such as Strava, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Apple Health. As well as other popular wearables.

The app is available to download now from either Google Play or the Apple store, search 'Fife Sports and Leisure Trust' and follow the onscreen instructions. View our privacy statement.




Step 3 -
Choose where to take part

If you choose to take part indoors, grab a pair of trainers or your comfy shoes and get started!

Stay safe if you opt to take part outdoors and remember to adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines. Wear suitable shoes or trainers and remember to bring water with you.





Step 4 -
Make your steps count for charity

Over the past ten years, we have delivered a self-funded health and wellbeing programme that supports people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, dementia, diabetes, COPD and cardiac incidents.

Now, we have a dedicated fund – the Fife Health and Wellbeing Fund – to support this very valuable and effective programme.

Thanks to a dedicated team of highly-qualified instructors, we deliver 91 health classes a week, with 4,000 participants attending classes to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits experienced by getting active, as well as meeting others who are living with similar conditions to their own.  We can do more when people give more.

Below we have some examples of where your donation could be spent.

  • £10 could cover a customer telephone call or Whatsapp video call catch up
  • £25  could cover a live Zoom class, a walking session or a face to face class, or a YouTube home workout video
  • £50  could cover the cost of provisions for a weekly social cafe for 1 month
  • £100  could cover the cost of giving a class of 15 people Therabands to enable them to do strength exercises at home 


Here's what your fundraising donation supports:

Forever Young

Jane Robertson, Coaltown of Balgonie

"After a short time, I began to enjoy the class and started to feel better – my health, my mood and motivation improved so much. I began to lose weight which was a real boost and it gave me the confidence to join a weight-loss programme. Active Options 2 has really helped my fitness levels and strength – it’s unbelievable. A week ago I was told by the cardiology team that I no longer need to take medication which was great news."



Chris Leivesley, Lumpinnans

"The diagnosis of Parkinson’s was a complete shock, it literally happened overnight. The instructors for both the classes I attend are fantastic, they are knowledgeable and motivational – I look forward to the classes every week. I feel so much better after the classes, the feel-good factor lasts for a while after. It’s not just the physical benefits I experience, I really like getting out and meeting other people who are experiencing similar issues – it’s a real boost to my morale and emotional wellbeing."


Joyce Kelly, High Valleyfield

"I’ve been coming to the café for around six weeks and love the interaction with others. It’s great that every week we have a different activity to try out - I enjoyed the exercise session and it does make you feel good."



Betty McIvor, Markinch

"I now come along the class once a week. I enjoy the company and it helps to give me confidence in dealing with everyday life. All the instructors are really cheery and positive and make you feel great about yourself."


Thank you!

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to continue keeping Fife a healthy and active region, just like we’ve done for over 10 years, so thank you!



You can now also join us on Strava

If you need a little extra motivation you can join our group on Strava, just download the App and you’ll find us in the Clubs section under Fife Sports and Leisure Trust.

The information below shows our weekly leader board as well as the latest runs others members have been on.

Stay safe everyone – we’ll get through this together