Fife Sports and Leisure Trust

Board Meetings


Board Meetings

All board meetings commence at 3.30pm and are held in different venues throughout Fife.


Board Meeting January 2016

Board Meeting March 2016

Board Meeting June 2016

Board Meeting August 2016

Board Meeting October 2016

Board Meeting December 2016

Board Meeting January 2017

Board Meeting March 2017

Board Meeting August 2017

Board Meeting November 2017

Board Meeting February 2018


Upcoming Board Meetings 2018

Thursday 22nd March

Thursday 21st June

Thursday 9th August

Thursday 27th September

Thursday 29th November


Upcoming Board Meetings 2019

Thursday 31st January

Thursday 21st March


Committee Meetings

The following committee meetings take place at regular intervals throughout the year:

  • Audit, Finance and Compliance 
  • Health and Physical Activity 
  • Human Resources 
  • Business Performance

Further information is available from:
Cathy Bowman, Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive, Email: Tel: 01383 602310