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Our Active Options

Physical activity promotes a number of positive health outcomes; improved physical and mental health, quality of life, social connectedness and disease prevention.

We recognise that becoming more active can be a challenge especially when living with a long-term health condition, so in order to support health-enhancing physical activity, we have developed a number of accessible and affordable programmes that provide a supportive environment in which a person can be become more active.


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Active Strength and Balance

Our level one and two classes are suitable for people who have problems with activities of daily living, may have limited standing balance and who walk with an aid.

The focus of this class is to work with people to maintain and improve their strength and balance to help prevent falls and enable people to live as independently as possible. The class also provides an opportunity for participants to meet new people within their community.


Active Options 2 class
Walking group


Active Circuits

Our level three and four classes are suitable for people who may have minimal problems with activities of daily living, may require a walking stick for additional support or who are independently mobile, with no problems with balance.

The focus of the class is to maintain and improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance and balance. The class also provides an opportunity for people to meet other people within their community.


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In partnership with NHS Fife’s Central Stop Smoking Service's Team, we are offering a 4 week fitness pass to participants who sign up to the Quitfit programme. 

The service is available to communities throughout Fife and offers smoking cessation advice and peer support in a community-based setting, encouraging physical activity to boost long-term positive healthy behaviour change at the time of the quit attempt. 

Sessions are held weekly on Tuesday evenings at Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre (passes can be used in any FSLT venue). Please attend at 5.30pm for your first visit then from 6.00pm - 7.00pm thereafter. 

For more information contact:
Telephone: 01383 565340

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Walking Football

Walking Football

Get back into football!

If you can walk, you can play. No running, no slide tackles it’s a free kick if you do!

Classes are available at: Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre, Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre, Duloch Leisure Centre and Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre.


Cardiac rehab class

Cardiac Rehab

Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation is a 12 week programme - referrals are made by the NHS for those who have completed the Phase 3 programmes run within the hospital.



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For more information on our Health and Wellbeing programmes please email or call:
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