New-look gym coming to Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre

New-look gym coming this week to Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre!

We are delighted to let you know that Cowdenbeath’s Leisure Centre’s new gym re-opened on Thursday 12th July 2018! The gym under went an extensive gym upgrade with a full equipment-replacement programme selected from industry leaders - Technogym and Origin Fitness.

Some of the highlights are Technogym’s SkillRow, Climb and Run 600 - providing the latest exercise programs and connectivity options, with online content accessed directly from your phone, you can track and log your progress as well as view tutorial and technique video’s. 

Origin Fitness half racks and SPARC trainer and Concept II Ski Erg’s offer safe strength training as well as the effective High Intensity Interval Training. And we have reinstalled Technogym’s Smith Machine following feedback from our gym customers.

Your new gym will have a fantastic range of equipment including: 

- Climb - Vario (cross trainer)  - Treadmills (Run 600)
- Concept2 Rowers - SPARC Trainer - Upright Bikes
- Air Bike - Synchro Cross Trainer  - Ski Erg 
- SkillRow - Squat Racks  - Excite Tops
- Multi-Power - Erolina ...and more!