Refer a friend


Tell your friends and family about Leisure Active and get the feel great factor!


As a Leisure Active member, you already know that you are part of the best value and most flexible gym membership in the region – but, do your friends and family know about our amazing facilities and programmes on offer across Fife?

If you know someone who would love to get more active and feel great with our low-cost membership then tell them about Leisure Active. If they sign up to any membership level, we will reward you with one month’s free membership.  Simply ensure that your name and membership number is in the 'friend referral' section of your friend's application form when they sign up.

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Friends Referral – Terms and Conditions

Please note:    

Existing Leisure Active Member = referrer

New member = referee

  1. Only LIVE Leisure Active members who have had a membership for 4 months or more and not in the process of cancelling will be eligible for the free month.
  2. The free month will only apply to the existing Leisure Active member (referrer) and not the new member (referee).
  3. The referrer will receive confirmation, in writing, of the date of their free month.
  4. The referrer will be eligible for one month free per new member that they sign up.
  5. The free month will only apply if the referee has completed the Name AND Card Number of the referrer on the application form.  If this has not been completed, the free month will not apply.
  6. New customers only. Annual Payment renewals are not eligible to be the referee.
  7. Talented Athlete members and Stagecoach employees are not eligible to be the referrer.
  8. Annual Payment members who are the referrer will have their free month added onto the end of their membership. If the membership is cancelled before the end of the 12 months, the free month will not apply.
  9. If the existing Leisure Active member has referred more than one friend in the same month, the subsequent month will be free.
  10. The Leisure Active Administration Team will apply the free month. The referrer should not cancel their direct debit.
  11. Once the free month has been applied, subsequent payments will automatically resume as normal.
  12. Applies to direct debit and annual members only. Monthly pass holders are not eligible to be the referee.