Celebrating Movement for Mental Health, May 13-19

Celebrating Movement for Mental Health, May 13-19

Join us in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week and discover the positive impact of movement. We're thrilled to support this year's theme of "moving more for our mental health". Regular physical activity not only benefits our physical health but also helps reduce stress and anxiety while boosting our energy and self-esteem.


Experience the Benefits of Movement

We are excited to share a short video where our team members discuss the positive impact of regular physical activity on their mental health. Whether playing football, dancing to their favourite music, or engaging in yoga, every form of movement can contribute to mental wellbeing.


Engage with Our Activities

We offer a range of activities suitable for individuals of all fitness levels to help improve health and wellbeing.


Become a Member

Our enhanced membership makes it easier to access our facilities and comes with additional benefits and perks to meet diverse preferences and needs. The comprehensive Club membership, priced at just £30 a month, provides access to all facilities and activities. Other options include the Lite membership, Club Play, family add-on packages, and concessions, ensuring everyone can benefit from the Trust's offerings.

Explore our membership options here: Membership - Fife Sports and Leisure Trust


Group Fitness

We've expanded our group fitness offerings to include over 260 weekly classes, a 20% increase since January. With the addition of new studio spaces at Carnegie Leisure Centre and a gym facility at East Sands Leisure Centre, plus our upcoming On-Demand programme, there are even more ways you can get fit and experience the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Check out our class timetable and book today: Group Fitness - Fife Sports and Leisure Trust



Experience the fun and community spirit of pickleball, a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. With 29 sessions per week spread across 9 venues, there's always a game you can join. You can also hire a court to play pickleball, whether you prefer doubles or singles. Equipment rental is available at reception.

Visit our pickleball timetable for more information: Pickleball - Fife Sports and Leisure Trust



Our gyms are equipped with high-spec equipment and staffed by dedicated professionals ready to help you meet your fitness goals. Members can take advantage of a personalised journey, starting with a free 1-2-1 session with one of our qualified gym instructors to tailor a workout plan just for you.

Find out more here: The Gym - Fife Sports and Leisure Trust


MYZONE Community

We've partnered with Myzone, a high-tech wearable system that tracks your physical activity, such as heart rate and calories burned. The system converts this data into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs), which focus on effort rather than fitness level, allowing everyone to train together. For added motivation, your Myzone device can be synced with our system in certain fitness classes, enabling you to see your performance alongside your peers on a shared screen. The Myzone app takes your fitness journey to the next level by allowing you to set goals with others, earn badges and climb up the status rankings, adding a fun, competitive edge. Moreover, Club members can enjoy a 30% discount on all Myzone products!

Ask at reception to find out more about Myzone.


Connect with Our Community

We're dedicated to fostering a healthier, more vibrant, active community. Follow us on social media and join our Facebook groups to get involved and stay up-to-date with the latest updates.

Let's move more and feel better together!