Charitable trust and Fife Council delivering community projects

We’re teaming up with Fife Council and working with partners on a series of projects which will deliver benefits for local communities.

As part of the move, we and Fife Council, working with wider partners, are delivering programmes and initiatives which benefit people across Fife of all ages and abilities.

In the Dunfermline area locals are benefiting from two recently-launched programmes – one targeted at over 60s and the other aimed at adults and juniors to get active together.

Over 60s who currently attend the trust’s facilities are being encouraged to refer a friend or family member to get physically active with a free swim or gym session thanks to 100 referral vouchers designed to boost an interest for those who don’t regularly attend sport or leisure facilities.

While 40 Golden Tickets are being distributed to youngsters and their parents or carers to get active together with a Leisure Active – the trust’s low-cost membership scheme – monthly pass. The trust’s team worked alongside Active Schools to identify youngsters who were most in need such as young carers or those facing challenges getting back to school following COVID lockdowns and restrictions. Schools involved in the project are Dunfermline High School, Queen Anne High School, St Columba’s High School and Woodmill High School.

Emma Walker, chief executive for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “This project has come about thanks to a strategic development between the trust and Fife Council to increase participation in physical activity, sport and leisure. The projects in the Dunfermline area are targeted to help those currently might think community sports and leisure services are not for them or who have limited confidence or experience of getting active.

“The trust is committed to widening access for local communities to the benefits of physical activity which include improved physical health and mental wellbeing, both these schemes which target a range of age groups, will help deliver this commitment and the trust is delighted to be involved.”

Councillor Judy Hamilton, convener of Fife Council’s housing and communities committee, added: “As Emma stated, this collaborative work between Fife Council and Fife Sports and Leisure Trust is part of a shared endeavour to get Fifers more active, more often. We know from research and evidence how important participating in physical activity, sport and leisure opportunities are for our physical and mental health and wellbeing. As we recover from the pandemic, supporting and enabling people to be more active and to participate, is a strategic priority, both for Fife Council and the trust, as Fife's main public sport and leisure service providers".