Charitable trust launches awareness campaign

As the area’s leading sports and leisure services, we are launching an awareness campaign to show how local support helps invest back into the community.

The ‘Every visit you make counts’ campaign is aimed at showing our customers the impact their use of local leisure centres has on facilities and the local community. 

By choosing one of our 14 facilities across Fife over a private provider, customers are directly helping to invest in quality equipment, jobs and a health and wellbeing programme which supports local people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, COPD and cardiac incidents.

Photo caption: left to right – Kirsty Gallagher, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust health and wellbeing advisor, Ross Steele, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust leisure attendant, gym users Louise Todd, Robbie Horn, Dylan Wood, Robert Donaldson and Jamie Mason, Active Options 2 advisor, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust

Our campaign is also urging users to tell us what they think of our facilities and programmes with an online survey – participants could win a 6-month platinum level Leisure Active membership, our  affordable membership programme. 

Scott Urquhart, sport and physical activity team manager, said: “At a time when the trust is facing pressure from its main funder Fife Council, the support from our customers is critical in helping us to deliver affordable and most importantly, sustainable physical activity opportunities for all the community.

“Unlike our private competitors, we, as a charitable trust, are committed to providing facilities and services for all ages and abilities – that includes programmes for babies to older adults, talented athletes, disabled users, people on low incomes and those who have long-term health conditions such as dementia.

“We are able to do all this thanks to local people who choose to use our facilities and we’d like to say thank you to them as well as demonstrate how their support directly impacts on the local community.” 

For further information visit the trust’s website or social media pages. 

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