Charitable trust supporting older adults in isolation

We have teamed up with retired NHS physiotherapist Moira Bell to deliver a range of online virtual fitness classes for hard-to-reach older adults who may need additional support to keep active.

The move comes as we strengthen our free live-streamed fitness programme with the addition of classes designed for older adults and those living with long-term health conditions. The specially-designed fitness sessions are streamed at 12 noon each weekday and are specifically for those who either need to keep active in order to be ready to get back to life after lockdown, or, for people who need additional support with a range of seated-exercise sessions.

Moira, who has been working with the trust for over a year as part of the health and wellbeing team who deliver health classes to those living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and COPD, is asking Fifers to encourage people they know who may need support, to raise awareness and encourage participation.

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Moira said: “The gains to older adults through physical activity are huge – by keeping active, we can build strength, improve balance and stability – all crucial as we get older in order to prevent injury as well as experience the overall health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity.

“ So I’m asking those who know an older person living in isolation, to raise awareness of the online sessions, even if it’s just to watch in the first instance and then gain the confidence to take part.”

Evelyn Crichton, health and fitness co-ordinator for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “The trust has had a successful track record of engaging older adults in its award-winning health and wellbeing programme, now, we want to maintain our support during the Coronavirus isolation period, particularly as a lot of older adults will have to continue to shield as restrictions are eased.

“We are also working with Fife Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver the online sessions to care homes across Fife so that this vulnerable group is not over looked and can also experience the benefits of physical activity delivered by highly-qualified instructors.”