Getting active together delivers results  

We are reporting the positive effects for customers who are getting active together in its range of group fitness classes.

We have welcomed customer feedback which shows that people are feeling the health and wellbeing benefits of participating in group settings following the restrictions of COVID lockdowns.

Michaela Park from Glenrothes attends group fitness sessions at Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre, she said: “I recently started group fitness classes once the gyms reopened after lockdown. I’ve always been a solo trainer in the gym and thought I had it all together, I was slowly becoming lazy in my sessions and losing motivation.

Michaela Park next to Group Fitness Instructor Debbie Young

“Since starting group fitness I have consistently attended classes and I have never felt stronger mentally or physically and I have gained a confidence that I never thought I would ever experience. I’ve met lifelong friends on similar journeys with similar goals and everyone is so encouraging to one another. Debbie, the fitness instructor, is always encouraging and supporting me in my personal goals on my fitness journey and has a wealth of knowledge if there’s ever any questions or doubts.

“It’s not just fitness it’s the friendships you make and it’s a really sociable, inclusive place to be with options for everyone no matter where you are in your journey. The days I struggle the most to stay motivated and pick myself up are the days I know I need to go for my own mental health whether it’s just to be around people or just to sweat it out and I never regret going, and always regret not going. I couldn’t imagine my week without my group fitness classes now. It used to be the biggest chore of my life but now it’s my way of life.”

Evelyn Crichton health and fitness coordinator for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “There is lots of evidence of the benefits of getting active on our physical health, but we also know that there is a real effect on our mental health. Participating in a group fitness session has the added benefit of allowing people to meet others who have similar goals or priorities which is motivational. And, following COVID restrictions, I think we are all enjoying seeing others and having the additional boost to feeling social and interacting with friends.”