​​​​​​​Local people show support to local trust during lockdown

Local people show support to local trust during lockdown

We’re thanking customers across Fife who continue to show support despite our facilities being closed.

As a charitable trust, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our customers who have chosen to continue paying their membership fees despite doors being closed in line with the Government’s protocols in relation to the spread and containment of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Since the closure, we froze all direct debits for our membership scheme, Leisure Active, but some locals voluntarily reinstated the payments in order to support the Fife Health and Wellbeing Fund, the trust’s fund designed to support the delivery of its health and wellbeing programme to local people living with long-term health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and COPD.

Catherine Paisley, from Thornton, said: “I decided to reinstate my membership because all the Instructors at Fife Leisure have been amazing with their live virtual classes at this very strange and difficult time especially as we have no end in sight at the moment.  It has certainly kept me sane.  Thank you to a wonderful team of people.”

Colin Bell, Kirkcaldy, said: “I am delighted to support the trust during this lockdown period as I have enjoyed attending centres.  I have seen an improvement in my fitness and find the centres excellent. I feel I must support the trust as we will need normality again soon.  Many businesses may fail and I want to do my bit to prevent that if possible. “

Annie Foster, from Glenrothes,  who had been a participant of trust’s health and wellbeing programme, said: “I have previously taken part in Mind and Be Active which helped me start using the gym as previously I was far too anxious to go. It really helped me build up my confidence. I was also attending Active for Health classes for my pain condition before lockdown. I have reinstated my direct debit to continue supporting these sort projects so that they will keep running after lockdown.”  

Margaret Newton, from Aberdour, said: “I decided to continue paying my payments because, quite simply, I wanted to do something to help. I realise it’s a tiny contribution to the trust’s funds. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to return to swimming regularly at my wonderful local pool, the Beacon in Burntisland.”

Barry Duffy, from Dunfermline, wanted to recognise the trust’s commitment to local communities, he said:  “No other gym supports all groups of people for all aspects of health.”

Scott Urquhart, sport and physical activity manager, said: “The support we have received has been amazing and we are very thankful that customers have chosen to help a local organisation in these difficult times. Our Health and Wellbeing Fund is vital to the organisation’s ability to continue to deliver our health programme and make a difference to people living with long-term health conditions.

“We’d also like to recognise all those who have been enjoying our live virtual fitness sessions, it’s a great way for our teams to stay in touch with customers and it has really helped our staff to know that the trust is valued by so many people.

“Our teams are working hard to prepare for a phased re-opening of some facilities, with all the appropriate health and safety measure in place, as and when the Government permits leisure facilities to open. We will continue to communicate with customers to keep them up to date with our plans and look forward to welcoming them back.”

 “The Coronavirus pandemic has shown us all how valuable our mental and physical wellbeing is, and, that physical activity plays an enormous part in helping us all feel better. 

"We are also very proud of the wonderful work our NHS and Keyworkers have been doing and to celebrate this we would love them to get involved in Fitness Tapas for FREE with no donation required."

 “We'll finish off with PJ's, Prosecco and a Q&A session – a chance to for participants to tell us what they think of our fitness sessions, ask questions and get tips from our qualified team.”

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