Onsite Advertising


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Connect your business with an active community across Fife 

Why choose onsite advertising?

We invest all profits back into our organisation and the local community.

Gain full coverage across Fife for maximum exposure. We offer great value for money - in high footfall areas.

Why connect with our customers?

We have an extensive audience visiting our sites – children, families, teenagers, young professionals, sports players and older adults.

There is a long dwell time – with people spending on average 30-60 minutes in our sites.

Our customers tend to visit more than once per week (average 2-3 times per week).



Grass Roots Package - External

With over 236,000 outdoor visits per year across 8 venues, you can reach an active and captive audience from spectators to players all year round.   

What's included?

✔  A banner on our outdoor pitches


Cost (pro sites)

Cost (Elite sites)

Quarter 1 (Apr-Jun) Off-Peak  £180 £300
Quarter 2 (Jul-Sep) Off-Peak  £180 £300
Quarter 3 (Oct-Dec) Peak £300 £480
Quarter 4 (Jan- Mar) Peak  £300 £480


Grass Roots Package


Pro Package

Our leisure centres have consistently grown in attendance rates, engaging with local communities to increase physical activity by providing affordable access to sports and leisure opportunities for all ages and abilities in the heart of their community.  

Our Pro price plan is an affordable package that allows you to reach thousands of people each month without any long-term commitments across 9 of our sites.  

Option 1


Footfall (per annum)

Bowhill Swimming Pool 51,500
Cupar Sports Centre 141,000
East Sands Leisure Centre 128,100
Pitreavie Athletics Centre 41,200
TOTAL 361,800
Option 2
Site Footfall (per annum)
Beacon Leisure Centre 152,800
Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre 224,800
Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre 161,900
Duloch Leisure Centre 182,700
Levenmout Swimming Pool & Sports Centre 172,400



What's included?

✔  1 x A1 poster
✔  1 x Roller Banner
✔  Digital advert on our plasma screens each site

Contract length

Cost (Option 1)

Cost (Option 2)

1 month £210 £360
6 months £630 £1,080
12 months £2,100 £3,600
Walking group



With an investment of over £50 million in the last 7 years, our 3 flagship sites are certain to get your business noticed with a combined annual footfall of over £1.34 million.

Michael Woods Sports and Leisure Centre is home to Fife’s first ever indoor football facility and is currently the training facility to Fife Elite.  With annual footfalls of over 550,000, the site is also home to events such as Glenrothes Road Running Festival (which attracts around 3,000 visitors) and up to 26 swimming galas per year (with footfalls of up to 2,000 visitors per gala).

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre has an annual footfall of over 290,000 and is used as a strength and conditioning training facility by ice hockey team Fife Flyers.

Carnegie Leisure Centre is one of Dunfermline’s most historic buildings in the heart of the town centre with an annual footfall of over 450,000.  It is also home to Carnegie Swimming Club and Dunfermline Water Polo club who compete at national levels.  


What's included?

✔  2 x A1 posters in high traffic areas

✔  2 x Roller banners in high traffic areas

✔  A minimum of 6 x A4 posters in wet changing areas
✔  Digital advert on our plasma screens in each site

Contract length

Cost (Option 1)

Cost (Option 2)

6 months £210 £3,600
12 months £630 £6,000
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Champion Package - Digital

Over 26,000 website visits per week
14.5K social media followers

Champion your company via our digital database.  Our thousands of followers will ensure that your message reaches people Fife wide.


What's included?

✔ An advert on the homepage of our website, with a link to its own page

✔ A post on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media sites

✔ Feature on our staff Intranet page, "FLIP" which reaches up to 600 employees

Contract length

Cost (solo package)

Cost (accompanying package)

1 month £600 £480
3 months £1,800 £1,440
6 months £3,600 £2,880
12 months £6,000 £4,800

All prices include VAT.

Interested in advertising? Get in touch today:

Danielle Livingstone, Sales Manager
Email - onsite.advertising@fifeleisure.org.uk

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