Fife Sports and Leisure Trust

Venue Rules



These rules (known as venue rules) have been established by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust for the purpose of regulating the conduct of customers within and around our venues, their use of the venue and the facilities within.


The Rules

These Venue Rules apply to all venues and facilities managed by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust to which the public have access (regardless of whether any fee or other charge is made on entry [or whether the customer has accessed a venue as part of a group booking, as an individual member or on a 'Pay as you Go' basis]).


1. Meaning of words and phrases

In these rules certain words and phrases are used and they have the following meanings.

(a) “Venue” means any and all of the following facilities operated by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust: sports centres, leisure centres, swimming pools, gyms, outside pitches, paths and walkways or other premises used for sporting, recreational/ leisure, physical activity, cultural or social activities and includes any land surrounding or used in connection with one of those premises (including spectator areas, car parks and access routes).

(b) "Chief Executive" means the Chief Executive of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust or any officer to whom they have delegated authority.

(c) "Duty Manager" means the supervisor who is the manager with responsibility for operating the venue (regardless of whether there is a more senior manager on duty).

(d) “Person or you” means the customer/user of the Venue.


2. Breaking the rules

Where (i) any person has broken one or more of these rules; and/or (ii) it appears to Fife Sports and Leisure Trust staff that there is a reasonable prospect of any person breaching one or more of these rules, that person may be expelled from a Venue or from part of a Venue and/or may be refused entry to a Venue or any part of a Venue.

Any person who -

(i) Refuses to leave when requested to do so by the Duty Manager; or

(ii) Enters or attempts to enter a Venue despite being informed by the Duty Manager that they are being refused entry

may be subject to further action from Fife Sports and Leisure Trust.


3. Access to sports facilities

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust sets the opening hours for each Venue.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust may temporarily close a Venue or any part of a Venue during those opening hours for such time as may be necessary. Fife Sports and Leisure Trust in doing so will post a notice specifying the times of closure and any part of the Venue which is temporarily closed.

Any person who is within or at a Venue:

(a) at a time which falls outside of the opening hours fixed by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust; or

(b) a time which falls within any period of temporary closure (as applicable to that

Venue or part of that Venue),

must leave the Venue or that part of the Venue which has been closed immediately and must comply with all reasonable directions of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust in connection with an orderly withdrawal from the Venue (or that part of the Venue).

No person may enter a Venue or any part of it which has been closed.

No person may enter an "Unauthorised Area" except with the prior consent of the Duty Manager.

No person shall enter any changing room, locker room, shower or activity area except for the purpose of using the Venue in question in accordance with these rules.

No person shall be permitted to use any Venue facility or participate in a Venue activity without prior payment of the appropriate fee. Any discount cards or specific discount/access cards shall be produced and exhibited before entry or when required to do so by any member of staff.

No person shall provide false details for the purpose of obtaining any such discount cards or otherwise to effect entry to a Venue.


4. Conduct within Venues

Bags. Bags and other personal belongings are not permitted in any activity areas.

Be Respectful. No person must act in a disrespectful manner whilst at or within a Venue. Anyone who acts in an intimidating, abusive, violent or disrespectful manner may be ejected from the Venue.

Betting etc. Betting, gambling or gaming is not permitted at or within any of the Venues. Any person found or reasonably thought to be in breach of this condition may be asked to leave the Venue.

Coaching/Personal Training. No person may carry out any teaching, education or coaching activities within a Venue (whether for reward or not) without prior permission of the Chief Executive. You may not bring external coaches/personal trainers to a venue, as a PAYG guest or otherwise.

Consumption Prohibited. No foodstuffs, alcoholic or soft drinks are to be taken into or consumed at or within the Venue, other than

(a) in such areas as may be designated for that purpose; and

(b) when non-alcoholic beverages (such as soft drinks and protein shakes) are in a sealed container. Glass containers are not permitted in any part of the Venue.

Litter. Litter (including chewing gum) should be disposed of appropriately in the bins provided.

No Media Recording. No photography, filming, audio or video recording, (including the use of mobile telephones for the capture of images or sound), may be carried out in the Venue without the express, prior permission of the venue Duty Manager.

Offensive Activities. No activity which is likely to give offence to others (including FSLT employees) is permitted.

Private Equipment Prohibited. The use of private equipment within the Venue is not permitted without prior permission of the Duty Manager

Sharing Facilities. If shared Venue activity space is busy, you should seek to make the area available as soon as possible to those waiting. At the same time, those waiting should be prepared to wait for a reasonable period or use alternative area whilst waiting. Time usage limitations must be adhered to, where stipulated.

Selling Goods. It is not permitted to sell or let or hire any services or items in a Venue (or offer to do any of these things) without the written consent of the Chief Executive.

Smoking. Fife Council has a policy of ‘no smoking’ on Council premises. E-cigs are also prohibited. Bookings are accepted at Fife Sports and Leisure Trust facilities on condition that the Council policy is adhered to by individuals and user groups.

Substance Abuse. No person who is, in the opinion of a Duty Manager, under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be admitted or allowed into Venues.

Tidiness. Venues should be kept tidy and all equipment replaced in its designated area after use. Abuse of, misuse of, or damage to, the Venues will not be tolerated.


5. Health and Safety

Fire Exits. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and you must not interfere with fire doors for any reason.

Health Commitment Statement. You must read the Health Commitment Statement posted within all Venues and fully comply with it.

Health & Safety Notices. You must read the Health & Safety notices posted outside any equipment or facility rooms and comply with their recommendations.

Health & safety. It is your responsibility to ensure that any potential risk associated with an activity is minimised. The Duty Manager reserves the right to terminate any activity where they consider the situation is unsafe and in breach of Health and Safety regulations. In such circumstances no refund will be offered.

Main Entrance. You must use the main entrance when entering or leaving the venue.

No Animals except Guide Dogs. No animals are allowed in or onto any Venue without the consent of the Duty Manager. This consent must be obtained prior to the animal being brought in or onto the Venue. This does not apply to dogs used by registered blind or deaf people.

Supervision. No children under the age of eight years will be allowed access to a Venue unless accompanied by an adult. In swimming pool Venues, the specific ratios for the management and supervision of children under eight years old are available at reception and must be always adhered to.


6. Cleanliness and Dress Code

Cleanliness. Any person whose personal hygiene gives the Duty Manager reasonable cause for concern for the comfort of others may be refused entry into or asked to leave any Venue.

Dress Code. You should wear clothes suitable for the activity being undertaken (for example, a t-shirt, shorts and running shoes for treadmill).

The following is not acceptable:

a. Open shoes or bare feet, unless partaking in certain classes or activities where bare feet is specifically recommended (such as yoga);

b. Not wearing a t-shirt / lack of suitable clothing;

c. Jeans or other inappropriate trousers, when taking part in activity;

d. Getting changed in any area other than designated changing rooms;

e. Inappropriate attire that is offensive or intimidating to other users; or

f. Outdoor clothing in pool (except where expressly permitted, such as for life saving training).

Refusal to comply with the dress code may result in the user being ejected from the Venue by the Duty Manger.

Infectious or contagious disease. Any person who knows he / she is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease must not enter any Venue.


7. Cancellations/Payments

Cancellations – You are required to notify the specific Venue to cancel any bookings. Failure to comply with the cancellation policy will result in the full charge being incurred.

(a) Casual booking - 24 hours’ notice is required to cancel

(b) Block booking - 7 days’ notice is required to cancel

(c) Event booking - 14 days’ notice is required to cancel

The Chief Executive reserves the right to cancel bookings or withdraw facility hire. Advance notice will be provided should such an unforeseen situation arise.

Payments - It is not permitted to enter or use any part of a Venue or equipment without payment of the relevant fee fixed by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust. These fees may vary between Venues and from part to part of the Venue and depend upon the area and equipment used. All payments must be made in full at time of booking (invoice payment by prior arrangement only).

Waiving of Fees - The Chief Executive may waive fees and charges for activities or events, subject to written requests and logged records thereof.


8. Duty Manager and Staff

Instructions - The instructions given by the Duty Manager and staff must be followed when using any of the Venues.