Charitable trust encourages locals to mark mental health awareness week

We are encouraging people across Fife to mark Mental Health Awareness Week by taking action and getting active.

We are supporting the Mental Health Foundation’s  campaign raising awareness by focusing on good mental health and how best to achieve it.

Research shows that taking part in physical activity is a positive way to reduce stress, balance mood and boost positivity, and, is part of the trust’s charitable commitment to get more people engaged in physical activity so that local communities can experience the health and wellbeing benefits of getting active.  

We are also promoting the importance of good mental health awareness for staff by with  launching our own mental health strategy, hoping to create a healthy workplace which supports employees. The strategy includes nominating 14 mental health first aiders across our sites as well as a range of materials encouraging staff to seek support if needed.

left to right, Ed Wallace, FSLT director, Genarro Barbato, FSLt fitness instructor, Gregor Sim, FSLT duty manager and Karen Marsh, FSLT employee wellbeing co-ordinator

Dr Ed Wallace on behalf of the Directors of Fife Sport and Leisure Trust enthusiastically welcomed and praised the launch of the Mental Health First Aiders scheme in Mental Health Awareness Week.

He said: “Mental Health has been a huge issue for many people during the Covid pandemic and although things are gradually becoming less restrictive there will be a lasting effect on everyone’s mental health. Whilst not everyone will require help with their mental health needs and will already have coping mechanisms or support networks in place, for those that do need help to develop coping mechanisms, having someone who is willing to listen is a key part of the process.

“Congratulations to those who have undergone training and have expressed their desire to help their colleagues and to the trust management team for putting this initiative in place. The directors look forward to hearing more about the project.”

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust mental health champion and employee wellbeing co-ordinator , Karen Marsh, said: “The Covid pandemic has really put mental health and wellbeing under the spotlight so we are very keen to support the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign for the benefit of our customers and staff.

“The trust has a long track record in delivering programmes which are designed to support people living with mental health issues and we want to encourage more people to think about physical activity as a positive contributor to good mental health. There’s no age limit or experience barrier to getting physically active, something as simple as a brisk walk outside can have lots of benefits for our mental wellbeing.

“Research has shown the detrimental impact that COVID restrictions and fallout from the pandemic has had on the nation’s mental health, so, our mental health strategy is designed to support staff as they transition back to work following a very difficult year for us all.”

The trust opened doors on 13 of its facilities last week with work progressing to address issues related to COVID health and safety measures at the Beacon Leisure Centre.