Fife Flyers get active with charitable trust

Members of the Fife Flyers are stepping up their training with regular sessions with our teams and facilities.

We are hosting the players and putting them through their paces to help boost their off-ice training.

The weekly training slots will allow the players to access the trust’s state-of-the-art gyms and sauna facilities as well as participate in instructor-led group cycle sessions.

Todd Dutiaume, head coach for the Fife Flyers, said: "Fife Sport and Leisure Trust have been extremely accommodating in providing and assisting in our off-ice training needs. The facilities at Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre and Michael Woods Leisure Centre more than cover all of our requirements which include training, recovery and rehabilitation. Instructor Blair put the guys through an intense spin class the on Tuesday which kicks off our work week and will pay dividends as the season progress. We are thrilled to be working in association with the trust once again."

Player, Jonas Emmerdahl, said: "We had an awesome spinning session – it was a great variation in the workout; we worked on our speed, explosiveness and endurance. The instructor pushed us to our limits which was exactly what we were looking for!"

Rebecca Suiter, sales and membership manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “We are really pleased to see the team back to our facilities and it’s really rewarding to hear that our sessions will have a positive impact on their competitive playing.

“The trust has a long relationship with the Fife Flyers and we are delighted to be supporting such a successful local team.”

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