Fife Sports and Leisure Trust Takes a Stand for Menopause Awareness

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust is proud to support Menopause Awareness Day on the 18th of October 2023. The Trust is committed to addressing and supporting the challenges people with periods face during menopause in the workplace and beyond. With millions of individuals in the UK experiencing menopause-related symptoms, it is crucial to create an inclusive environment.

The Trust recognises the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle during menopause and supporting individuals through the transition. Regular physical activity can help alleviate symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and improve overall health and well-being.

Lana Turnbull, Head of People at Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: "Supporting Menopause Awareness Day is a statement of our commitment to understanding and supporting those going through menopause. We encourage women and people with periods from all walks of life to embrace physical activity during this life stage, and we urge family members to support them through their menopausal journey. By fostering empathy and understanding in our workplace and venues, we can empower our women and people with periods."

To support its employees, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust has appointed dedicated Menopause Champions within its organisation. These champions advocate for and break down stigmas surrounding menopause while providing crucial support to their fellow staff members.

Moreover, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust conducts regular Menopause Awareness Training Sessions. By participating in these sessions, individuals can gain valuable insights and practical skills to create a supportive and informed work environment. These sessions actively work to dispel misconceptions and myths about menopause, ensuring that staff members are well-informed.

One Champion shared: "It's been excellent training that has made me more empathetic and given me the tools, so I feel confident supporting work colleagues, family, and friends." 

Together, with the unwavering dedication of their Menopause Champions, Fife Sports and Leisure Trust aims to shatter the stigma surrounding menopause and cultivate a workplace and community space where women feel understood, supported, and empowered.

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