Getting physically active delivers health and wellbeing benefits for local men living with cancer

Two local men diagnosed with cancer are acknowledging the health and wellbeing results of participating in our specially-designed physical activity programme.

David Hamilton (age 72) and Robert Gilmour (age 68),both from Glenrothes, were both referred to our health and wellbeing programme, Move More Fife.

David (white t-shirt) and Robert participate in Move More Fife programme

Move More Fife is a pioneering community-based physical activity programme for cancer patients. It is being delivered by Macmillan Cancer Support in partnership with us and NHS Fife.

Move More Fife was designed around research which shows being fit and more physically active helps combat the effects of cancer and cancer treatments. 

David was diagnosed in 2016 from a rare form of stomach cancer, this followed a myocardial infraction in 2015 which resulted in heart surgery. A keen golfer, football and squash player, David was eager to get active again.

He said: “I found out about Move More Fife through health professionals at NHS Fife – I started classes a year ago and have built up from a gentle movement class focusing on flexibility and movement to other classes offered by the trust such as Active Options and Active Aqua.

“I find I’m more able to do normal day-to-day tasks and I sleep better, I’m also playing golf once a week and feel fitter and stronger – motivated to get on with life!”

Robert was referred to Move More Fife by his Macmillan Nurse as he approached the end of his treatment for throat cancer in 2017.

Robert said: “I joined a group exercise class which was led by a cancer rehab fitness instructor – we   discussed the best approach to getting my confidence and fitness back which were my priorities.

“The treadmill, bike, rowing machine and balance exercises have all helped improve my fitness – thanks to the class, I am now back to playing badminton which I haven’t done for years. I would recommend these classes to anyone who has had problems with a cardiac incident or cancer.”

Move More Fife is based on group-based exercise classes, including walking groups and gentle movement classes. It offers people a 12-week programme where individuals can exercise safely with the trust’s specially-trained fitness instructors.

Fiona Prendergast, health and wellbeing coordinator for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “Move More Fife is a great way for people during or after cancer treatment to take part in physical activity while enjoying the social support of people in similar circumstances. There is lots of evidence to show that physical activity for people during and after cancer treatment can provide benefits to improved physical function, relief from fatigue, nausea and improve quality of life. Equally, for those living with cancer, physical activity helps support a return to a healthy and active lifestyle. “

Details of the trust’s health programme can be found by clicking here