Introducing Rise Gymnastics: A Fun Programme for Young Gymnasts

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, in partnership with Scottish Gymnastics, is thrilled to introduce "Rise Gymnastics", an exciting gymnastics programme developed by British Gymnastics. The programme will be launched across its leisure centres on the 23rd of October.

Rise Gymnastics is designed to cater to children of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced gymnasts, with its 3-stage structure. Rise Discover is perfect for pre-schoolers, while Rise Explore is tailored to school-age recreational gymnasts. Rise Excel is aimed at older and more ambitious gymnasts. Each stage provides a structured, engaging gymnastics experience fostering creativity and skill development.

Lee Cunningham, Activities Manager at Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, expressed her enthusiasm for the programme: "Rise Gymnastics is an amazing opportunity for children to explore their potential and experience the joy of gymnastics in a structured and engaging way. The programme encourages natural skill development, allowing young gymnasts to progress at their own pace while staying motivated and forming lasting friendships. As they advance through the exciting, themed activities, they can earn rewards such as certificates and medals, making their gymnastics journey even more enjoyable. The programme also offers a pathway to festivals and competitions."

The Trust is excited to launch Rise Gymnastics and deliver a comprehensive, high-quality gymnastics experience for children throughout Fife. The programme is gradually replacing current schemes and is a great option for anyone looking to learn gymnastics more effectively or access the latest and most effective coaching techniques.


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