Leisure centre celebrates 25 year anniversary

We are marking Beacon Leisure Centre’s 25th anniversary with the help of long-serving staff who were there when the facility first opened.

We are celebrating the anniversary of doors opening on the centre with help of staff, partners and customers by recreating one of the publicity photos taken 25 years ago when locals were eager to try out the new gym, sports hall and swimming pool with flumes.

Subject to a lengthy lockdown due to Covid health and safety measures during the height of the pandemic, the centre has been well used by locals since the trust has been able to deliver programmes and facilities under near normal conditions.


From left to right: Peter Strong, Callum Hamilton, Callum Foster, Johnny Miller (25 years), Scott Hamilton (25 years),
Paul Hossack, Scott Urquhart (25 years), Brenda White (25 years) and Claire Homer.

Attendance figures show that since June 21 last year, when the centre opened after a prolonged closure due to Covid measures, there have been 56,000 visits recorded. And in February the centre notched up just under 9,000 attendances showing signs that locals are using the centre in numbers on par with pre-Covid times.

Paul Hossack, area leisure manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “Looking at some of the photos taken of the centre opening 25 years ago it is easy to see how much a new leisure facility meant to the local community and how much excitement there was around a new sports and leisure resource.

“The centre has remained popular with the local community and the staff work hard to deliver quality facilities and programmes that provide accessible leisure opportunities so that people of all ages and abilities can benefit from the health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity.”