Leisure centre staff pay tribute to valued colleague

Staff at Carnegie Leisure centre have paid tribute to a much-respected colleague with the installation of furniture in his memory.

Andrew Hendry, who lived in Dunfermline and worked at Carnegie Leisure Centre, passed away suddenly aged 50 in May. Fellow Fife Sports and Leisure Trust staff were so affected by the loss of such a valued member of the team, they decided to fundraise so that Andrew’s years of dedication would not be forgotten.

Andrew’s role involved the supervision of the changing village and health suite and it was decided that the creation of a relaxation area for customers would be fitting. Uniquely designed furniture, made from recycled milk cartons that would otherwise be sent to landfill, with the possibility of then ending up in the sea, damaging marine species and polluting beaches around the world – was purchased and personalised with Andrew’s name.

Leisure centre staff pay tribute to valued colleague

James Dunbar, area leisure manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, recently invited Andrew’s family to view the furniture.

James said: “We were all very shocked by the news of Andrew’s passing – he was a very popular member of staff, always ready to help, and he had been part of the team for over 12 years. He often worked the early shift which required him to start at 5.30am, but he would soemtimes be here before that, ready and eager to start his day.

“We are all very pleased with the addition of the furniture and customers have been equally positive, many commenting that they appreciate the sentiment of remembering Andrew in this way.”

Bill Hendry, Andrew’s father, said: “Andrew loved his job and enjoyed working with his colleagues at the centre. We all miss Andrew very much and are very grateful to his colleagues who chose to remember him – it means a lot to us to know he was so highly thought of.”