Scotland and Manchester City Football Club star champions participation for mini-kickers

Scotland and Manchester City Football Club star champions participation for mini-kickers

A Dunfermline-born football star is helping young children, especially girls, get involved in the game.

Scotland and Manchester City Football Club player, Caroline Weir, who was part of the Women’s FA Cup 2019 winning team, as well taking part in Scotland’s line up against England in the Women’s World Cup 2019, joined youngsters from Duloch Primary School Nursery to mark her role as football ambassador to the Scottish Football Association approved coaching development programme delivered by us.

We see the partnership with Caroline as a huge boost to getting more Fife youngsters involved in physical activity.

James Dunbar, area leisure manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Centre, said: “The trust is committed to delivering opportunities for all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and there is lots of research to show that getting children and young people engaged in sport at an early age is key to lifelong participation.

“Caroline is a fantastic role model for local children and can directly demonstrate her journey from playing for a local club and school to where she is today. The mini-kickers programme delivered by the trust is all about improving access and making physical activity fun as well as an opportunity to learn footballing skills.”

Caroline, who started her football journey at Pittencrieff Primary School, said: ““My first memories of playing football were in the back garden with my Dad, brother and sister who were all into football as well. I was about three-years-old at that time and then joined my first team aged five, with boys.

“I continued playing with the boys team at Pittencrieff Primary School for five years throughout school before moving to Hibernian when I was 10.My Dad, Lindsay, has been very supportive from day one and came to all my games and drove me all over the country.

“Although my journey has taken me on to top level women’s football, I think participation for all is about encouraging youngsters to get involved in football and to make pathways, for girls in particular, more accessible.

“I’d love to see another local girl be successful and one day represent Scotland!”

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