#TogetherWeCan: Fife Sports and Leisure Trust Launches Inspiring Community Health and Wellbeing Initiative

#TogetherWeCan: Fife Sports and Leisure Trust Launches Inspiring Community Health and Wellbeing Initiative

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust is thrilled to announce the launch of its community initiative #TogetherWeCan. The initiative highlights the positive impact of the Trust's health and wellbeing programmes on individuals facing health concerns and aims to create a stronger and healthier community.

As part of the #TogetherWeCan campaign, the Trust will showcase inspiring success stories of individuals who have benefited significantly from the programmes. These stories serve as a testament to the power of collaboration between partners and the Trust's dedicated Health and Wellbeing Team.

The health and wellbeing programmes offered by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust are designed to provide invaluable support, enhancing the overall health and wellbeing of community members. Over 221,000 attendances have been recorded at the specialist classes since 2016, and the Trust hopes to achieve over 45,000 attendances in 2024.

Emma Walker, CEO of Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: "Our health and wellbeing programmes support people with long-term health conditions who are on their own unique journey to better health. We offer over 90 classes each week and a thriving community where participants can develop meaningful connections through shared experiences. Together, with our partners, we extend essential support to our community, ensuring everyone has the opportunity for improved wellbeing."

Fiona Prendergast, Health and Wellbeing Manager at Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, added: "We partner with Fife Health and Social Care, Fife Council and many other third sector and voluntary organisations to boost community health and wellbeing. Our programmes are tailored to meet various health needs, and we assist every person to find the programme that suits their specific needs. We encourage everyone to get involved in the campaign, hear from our participants, share our resources, and spread the word within their networks and communities.

Over 300 providers already refer in from health and Social Care, Fife Council and the third sector. Fife Sports and Leisure Trust extends an open invitation to healthcare providers and the community at large to join this movement. The Trust's Health and Wellbeing team offer a user-friendly registration process, handling the entire journey from intake to enrolment. This ensures that healthcare providers and individuals have a hassle-free experience when participating in or being referred to these programmes.

Join #TogetherWeCan and be a part of a transformative community initiative that has the potential to change lives for the better. Click here for more information or to get involved email HealthWellbeing@fifeleisure.org.uk.